Keyword Search:

By entering keyword(s), you may use one or more keywords to define a search using the words: and, or, not as separators.

To narrow a search - Use: and, not.
mountain and river - will provide items that contain both mountains and rivers.
mountain not river - will provide items that contain only mountains without rivers.

To expand a search - Use: or
mountain or river - will provide items that contain either mountains or rivers or both.

Using Filters in a Keyword Search:

Within Results - When checked, this will and the new keyword with the previous keyword search.

Filter by Orientation - This will show items that are Horizontal or Vertical.

Item # Search:

You may enter an item # to do a search.


You can create personal lightboxes to store and email items. You add items to a lightbox as you view a search result or a preview, and add the items that may fit your project.

Your lightboxes are kept for an indefinite period of time unless you delete them. You may have as many lightboxes as you wish, and each lightbox can have an unlimited number of items.

When you email a lightbox, the recipient doesn't have to be registered to view your lightbox.