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Donna Ikenberry


Donna Ikenberry has been a full-time freelance photographer, writer and book author since 1983 and still thrills to traveling and photographing wildlife.


Donna got her start in 1983 when she started traveling full-time. Only 29 years old at the time, she had the proceeds from her home to keep her going while she tried full-time RVing and full-time work as a freelance photographer. Home was a travel trailer that Donna pulled around the country with her pickup truck. At the time Donna hadn’t sold one photo for publication, nor had she tried.


During her 16 years of full-time travel Donna traveled in most states, but spent much of her time in the west, particularly Oregon. Donna learned early on that if a person can write and photograph they have a better chance of selling their work so she started writing. She wrote about animals, travel, adventure, and she started a series of guidebooks about Oregon’s wilderness areas.


Over the years Donna has written 13 guidebooks. Her series of guides to Oregon’s wilderness areas include Southern Oregon Wilderness Areas, Central Oregon Wilderness Areas, Eastern Oregon Wilderness Areas, and Northern Oregon Wilderness Areas. Since that time she has also published Hiking Oregon, Oregon’s Outback, Discovering Oregon’s Wilderness Areas, Camping Utah, Wild Colorado, Hiking Colorado’s Weminuche Wilderness and Hiking Colorado’s Weminuche and South San Juan Wilderness Areas. In addition to books about wilderness areas, public campgrounds, and auto touring, Donna has also written two bicycling guides.


In 1991, Donna rode her bike from Miami, Florida to Bangor, Maine and later published her guide, Bicycling the Atlantic Coast. In 1994, Donna once again packed up her panniers and rode her bicycle from Yorktown, Virginia to Florence, Oregon. The end result was publication of her book, Bicycling Coast to Coast.


In addition to books, Donna has published nearly 800 magazine and newspaper articles and she has published more than 4,000 photographs. Credits include National Geographic Adventure, Time, Sunset and many more.


Although once a full-time traveler, Donna got married in January 1999 and now has a home base in South Fork, Colorado. Her husband, Mike Vining, is retired from the Army so he and Donna travel together. They still travel about half of the year and Donna still works full-time as a freelance photojournalist.


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